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Our exclusive program was created for ABA practices treating children and adults with autism and related disorders. Get protected against the unique risks your business faces.


Our goal is to provide more value than simply insuring your agency. With our coverage, you get an experienced insurance agent and a dedicated risk management team.


We understand the risks you face as a behavioral health professional. That’s because we have over a decade of experience serving businesses just like yours.


What Does It Mean to Have an Insurance Partner You Can Trust? 

There are a number of options for insuring your practice. The right partner will understand your specific needs, making sure you have the coverage you need. And they won’t sell you on coverage you don’t. These are our promises to you.

Shield to represent insurance coverage

Want Access to Webinars, HR Resources, and Sample Forms?

We’re happy to make available a number of helpful resources for your ABA agency. Free of charge, they’re our gift to you.


Ready to get covered? It will only take a minute.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The Liberty Company has been incredible with their response time, knowledge, and support! Anytime I had a question, it was addressed immediately and professionally! I’ve never felt so comfortable working with an insurance broker until I came across this team.

Jermaine H.

Customer since 2019

Our organization could never have had a better experience with an insurance broker than we have with The Liberty Company! They work so hard to fulfill all our needs and always find great priced premiums when our policies are up for renewal. All in all, The Liberty Company sets the bar very high for an insurance broker and we couldn’t be happier!

Kevin B.

Customer since 2013

Comprehensive knowledge of the insurance market and products, the business risks and insurance solutions involved in my specific industry as well as your accessibility and responsiveness for many issues we face regularly. You have been an integral part and partner we rely on to manage our business risks. Thank you!

Babbette S.

Customer Since 2018

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