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Telehealth’s Positive Impact on ABA Families

Over the course of the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services have expanded immensely. Telehealth starts with reducing person-to-person contact, and provides more convenience for many; discover how Telehealth has become beneficial to ABA families.

How COVID-19 Changed Family Caregiving

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of family caregiving. Taking away needed resources, changing schedules, and more. Find out how families have adjusted to Telehealth and family caregiving during a pandemic.

The Impact of COVID-19 On an ABA Agency’s Insurance Portfolio

Let’s consider the impact COVID-19 is expected to have on various aspects of an ABA agency’s insurance portfolio.

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Employee Safety for a Home-Based ABA Agency

Ensuring the safety of your employees is paramount to any business operations. Not only does a safe environment promote wellbeing for your staff and the safety of your clients, it is a legal obligation you owe to anyone working on your behalf. I recently connected with Sarah Trautman of the BALC regarding this specific topic.…
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The Most Common Questions About Workers’ Compensation

Get answers to some of the most common questions we get from ABA therapy practice owners about Workers’ Compensation insurance.

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How to Manage ABA Agency Risks

Many ABA agency owners spend time wondering “if” their company is exposed to certain risks. The short answer is almost always “yes.”

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Employee Driving Risk & Your ABA Agency

In this post, we’re going to cover everything ABA therapy business owners need to know about employee driving risk management.

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4 Insurance Policies Every ABA Agency Needs

It’s no surprise that ABA therapy practices face a range of liability risks. In this post, we go over every policy you need to get covered.