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The Most Common Questions About Workers’ Compensation

We get a lot of questions about Workers’ Compensation insurance for ABA agencies. How it works, what it costs, what it covers … and many more. So what are the basics? We are here to help. What is it and what does it cover? Workers’ Compensation pays for an injured workers’ lost wages, medical expenses,…
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How to Manage ABA Agency Risks

Many ABA agency owners spend time wondering “if” their company is exposed to certain risks. The short answer is almost always “yes.” After all, your company faces various risks on a daily basis.

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Employee Driving Risk & Your ABA Agency

One of the most overlooked areas of risk identification for ABA agencies isn’t related to operations that happen at a job site such as a school, home, or care facility. It’s operations that happen between job sites, completed by employees driving on company time.

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4 Insurance Policies Every ABA Agency Needs

Due to the nature of servicing ABA clients, your agency faces an array of liability risks. For example, front-of-line staff can face situations where they may be physically injured. Furthermore, staff who operate vehicles present additional risks to the company when they are driving on company time.