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How COVID-19 Changed Family Caregiving

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of family caregiving. Taking away needed resources, changing schedules, and more. Find out how families have adjusted to Telehealth and family caregiving during a pandemic.

The Impact of COVID-19 On an ABA Agency’s Insurance Portfolio

In May, we discussed the impact COVID-19 is expected to have on various aspects of an ABA agency’s insurance portfolio. From anticipated liability issues, the shift to telehealth, and aspects of business interruption coverage related to mandated closures. We also discussed concerns surrounding the Workers’ Compensation system as various state governments issued mandates related to…
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Shield to represent insurance coverage

4 Insurance Policies Every ABA Agency Needs

Due to the nature of servicing ABA clients, your agency faces an array of liability risks. For example, front-of-line staff can face situations where they may be physically injured. Furthermore, staff who operate vehicles present additional risks to the company when they are driving on company time.