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Risk Management

Risk Management Services for ABA Therapy Practices

Your ABA agency faces risk daily. Insurance companies and attorneys like to use the word “exposure.” Don’t waste time asking “if” your company is at risk. The answer is always “yes.” Rather, you should look for ways to assess risk and the amount of risk you are willing to tolerate.

Are you ready for a proactive approach to mitigate risks your company faces? Our experienced risk management team is standing by to help whether you work based out of homes, clinics, or schools.


Risk Management Services

Risk management is a multi-step process. We’re here to guide you through it from start to finish. Our team has years of experience crafting risk management solutions to address specific areas of concern for your business.

Our promise to you.

Our services go beyond placing insurance protection. We want to become your risk management department. We engage and consult with you on how best to protect your business from risks you face on a daily basis.


We help you mitigate risks by making risk management an important part of your company culture.


Now that you have a team, we help identify risks you face, focusing on internal factors within your control.


After identifying risks, we help analyze them according to their impact on your business.


You have our full support in the transfer, mitigation, and acceptance of risk, no matter your shape or size.

What questions do you have about our risk management services? Ask a pro.